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    The BURRITO was designed to be the most ergonomic, ultralight, and versatile mini medical pouch on the market. The BURRITO features laser cut slots on the rear which allow the end user to mount their pouch either vertically or horizontally to your EDC, Duty, or Riggers belt; or directly to MOLLE compatible systems. Unlike other mini medical kits on the market, we do not use elastic to retain your contents. Feedback from MIL and LE members who have had their contents fall out on duty aided in our full velcro flap design for maximum security while maintaining ease of access in any position. 

    Where space is limited, the BURRITO excels. We kept our Military and Law Enforcement Officers in mind, and kept the height of the pouch to a standard AR15 magazine, with only 3/4 of its length. 

    Medical Contents if selected include:

    1x CAT Gen7

    1x L Nitrile Gloves

    1x Flat fold surgical tape

    1x Hyfin Vent pair

    1x 28F NPA

    1x 4" pressure dressing

    1x Combat Gauze

    1x Hypothermia blanket

    1x 14G Decompression Needle



    • Laser cut SQUADRON construction
    • Velcro + Laser cut molle front attachment
    • Color Matched velcro
    • Ultralight construction
    • Omni Directional mounting attachment
    • Bottom mounted integrated tourniquet sleeve


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    1. Great fit

      I carry my belt mounted med pouch in the small of my back. This one fits flat and, like the Micro Trauma Kit Now, holds everything I need. on 19th Nov 2020

    2. Perfecto

      Perfect size for the back of my gunbelt. I filled it with a kit I already had: 6 inch bandage, 2 packs of gauze, twin pack of chest seals, two sets of gloves, hypothermal blanket, and a little pen. Fits snug and doesn't bulge. The TQ holder is secure enough that the tourniquet doesn't move, but allows for easy one-handed access on a full gunblet. The snap is secure, but easy to undo with one hand from the 6 o'clock position.

      The multicam pattern is freaking gorgeous, can't stop looking at it.

      Love this thing, very well designed.
      on 17th Nov 2020

    3. Just buy it

      Small package but you can pack a large amount of life-saving equipment in here. I have two, and for one of them I purchased the med kit that comes with it and the other I put a kit together myself. Both are low-profile, perfect for duty belts for patrol cops or gunbelts for the range. Just buy it. You need one. on 15th Oct 2020

    4. Great Product - Great Value!

      I ordered the black one. Great quality, a lot of mounting options. You'll get 2 malice clips + 1 Loksak bag, even if you don't pick the medical content option. So, overall, you get a lot for the money. It's a NO BRAINER, buy it!

      Cheers from Canada !
      on 15th Oct 2020

    5. Well built, compact

      It fits perfectly on my belt set up as I have minimal real estate but I did have my tourniquet fall out during class. Might have to rig a bungee to retain it better. on 10th Sep 2020

    6. Stop searching and just buy one !!!

      Seriously best thought and designed ifak pouch around. I’ve got multiple of them !
      I have also tried multiple other brands and types and none of them were as simple and well thought out as the Burrito. Do yourself a favor and get one while they are in stock !
      on 5th Sep 2020

    7. Unfiltered Review

      The Burrito was everything I was looking for in a product. Perfect size, strong velcro, and mission essential medical items. The best medical pouch available. on 4th Sep 2020

    8. Back of the belt “One hole-med kit”

      Over all amazing design, simple and makes sense. This is what I refer to as a “one hole” med-kit. As in the space available to fit the amount of medical supplies for an unpredictable wound either by bullet or shrapnel is about one hole worth. So if you were shot by more than one or it went through with an exit... you would need a second supply of equipment. ( I used my own supplies and do not know what Coyote Tactical kits come with!!) (Also if you don’t buy there’s it comes with a very durable zip lock back to fit the correct size of the pouch. Well done!) Personally, that’s what I carry. Enough to get me to a medic, or in my pack for more. I’ve used/carried Blue Force Gear and London Bridge Tactical and many others in this size and this is (for me) a batter design. It’s smaller, flatter(I place it on the back of my war belt) and no fancy opening mechanism to find to open it. I like the placement of the tourniquet but I’m not in love with the straps for the tourniquet. The C.A.T Tourniquet will get stuck if You try and access it from the opposite side of the rod clips. It’s almost perfect. But ambidextrous tourniquet accesses along with the med supplies is important to me. If you are looking for a SMALL med pouch that is enough to get a you through to the next phase of treatment and comfortable enough to place on you belt in the back and ride in vehicles with comfort, as well as a design that makes sense this is my top pick. on 31st Aug 2020

    9. Do yourself a favor and just get one !!!!

      Hand down best IFAK pouch set up. Easy to use, multiple options for mounting . Also price ?! Are you kidding?! Many other options cost so much more and are trash. Pick up two of these if you can.
      Also, the medical insert they sell is priced much better than other ifak kits.
      on 26th Aug 2020

    10. Perfect size!

      Perfect size! on 25th Aug 2020

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