Coyote Tactical Solutions Partners with TacGas

If you’ve never heard of TacGas, it’s very likely you have seen their work. Their work has graced countless SHOT SHOW booths, the Call of Duty franchise, movies, and more. The owner, James Staley, is a former Recon Marine Scout Sniper, former agency contractor, and also the CEO of Deliberate Dynamics. TacGas was founded in 2016 when the idea was hatched to provide contextually accurate, detail-attentive military and tactical content at a fraction of the price of solo-client productions. Through their past military experience and by implementing military mission planning and attention to detail, TacGas became an industry leader and success for all their clients.

That planning and mission focused background is how TacGas makes a customers vision a reality. With access to a plethora of military vehicles for land, air and sea, the latest weaponry and gadgets, as well as access to unique locations across the country such as GOPLAT, swamp, nuclear plants, and merchant ships, your dream is just the starting point.

Through our partnership with TacGas, Coyote Tactical Solutions has elevated their brand and recognition to become a long lasting name in the tactical space. We hope for many years of partnership and success to come!

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